Behavioural Change - Heads vs Hearts
14th Feb 2014

Countdown to the Lab Day

Ogilvy Lab Day: Behavioural Change

This Valentine's Day, when so many of us are hoping to influence the hearts of others, what better way than to take a long loving look inside the head and investigate how behavioural psychology can help us change what people do. Join us at Ogilvy Labs Behavioural Change Day as we take you into the deeper recesses of the brain to uncover some of the secrets of human behaviour.

  • Find out about the vast leaps being made in behavioural psychology and neuroscience and what these new discoveries mean for the communications industry.
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in understanding how people think and discover ways to use that knowledge.
  • Take a look at the next practical steps brands can take to benefit from the insights being unearthed by Behavioural Economics.
  • And see for yourself some examples of how Ogilvy's Rory Sutherland, Jez Groom and others have already been busy applying behavioural economics to affect the way customers behave.

Behaviour Change Lab Day is on 14 February 2014 at and delivered in partnership with Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0EW

From 9:45am – 5pm

Nearest Tube:
North Greenwich on the Jubilee Line – 4 stops (approx. 10 mins) from London Bridge

We'd love you to fall head over heels for Behavioural Psychology this Valentine's Day when you join us for some serious mind-bending facts and fun.


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